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Show Me Your Teeth
2017–ongoing / durational performance in public space

I walk an unplanned route through a city, smiling at every pedestrian I pass on my way. This occurs between the hours of 9am and 5pm, save for an hour-long lunch break.

A change in approach was necessary during the April 2019 lockdown in Berlin; What had previously been a single workday instead took place in one-hour blocks and within a two-kilometer radius of my home—–in line with recommendations to contain the spread of Covid-19. Each day I used compass navigation to walk in a new direction. While I continued to smile at my pedestrians, most of my facial features were now hidden behind a protective mask. The new version of the work resulted in less visibility for the performance but an active and intentional act of care.

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2020 / Berlin, DE
2019 / Jerusalem, IS/PS
2018 / New York City, US
2018 / Vienna, AT
2017 / Kassel, DE
2017 / Genoa, IT