WORK > Mädchenheft

2018 / installation: 310 Books in an indoor skatepark / 380 x 380 cm

11 x 5 cm

310 volumes; 217 titles; 12 € in fines; 11 library branches; 7 copies of Girl on the Train; 5 library cards; 1 word.

According to independent research by Emily St. John Mandel, books with the word "girl" in the title have increased since 1995 and accounted for nearly 1% of all published fiction in 2016. My survey of all 11 libraries in the city of Kassel revealed a collection of 310 books––fiction and non––with the word in the title. I borrowed them simultaneously and displayed them in the pit of a conspicuously male-dominated local skateboard park. After dismantling the installation, I printed the full bibliography on a postcard, a copy of which was placed in each book before it was returned.