With Javier Blanco, Maria Färber, Anastasia Putsykina + Svea Schneider-Sierra

Thresholds, checkpoints, crossing the liminal—starting from the space between two states, BORDERLAND deals with the process of metamorphosis: Orpheus and Eurydice in the eye of the hurricane of transformation. We concentrate on a position: not before, not after, but at the very moment of change. What happens there on the verge between two worlds when, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible? When before and after uncouple and only the stage of evolution, the stepping through the doorway, the rush of limbo counts? In the struggle for the decisive last step before irreversibility, an in-between world emerges in which everything—for everyone—seems possible for a brief moment. A sphere between astonishment and fear, dream and nightmare. Experience, sensation and physicality is questioned. The cards are dealt anew and what happens next is anyone’s guess.

–Bernadette Binner